Amber Kester

Amber runs much of the Council’s Native Plant Nursery’s day-to-day operation, working closely with volunteers to prepare plants for restoration and sales projects. She also works in many capacities around the office and in the field.

Amber moved to Oregon in 2005 and lived in St. Helens until 2008 when she and her husband purchased 4 acres in Deer Island. They have enjoyed replanting the property with native plants and will continue to add many more in the future. Amber was raised in Conway Washington and went to Mount Vernon High School in Skagit Valley. She started working for the Mount Vernon School District after graduation as an instructional assistant, and worked with Behavior Disorder and Special Needs classes. Amber was a stay-at-home mom raising her two kids until returning to work part-time in the spring of 2014 part time. She currently volunteers at the St. Helens School District, and has volunteered previously for the SBWC. She enjoys kayaking, hiking, camping and gardening.

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