Lower North Scappoose Creek Restoration

In order to address key limiting factors for salmonids, this restoration improved and enhanced fish and wildlife habitat along a quarter of mile section of North Scappoose Creek.

The project goals were to:

  • Enhance fish habitat and in-stream channel complexity
  • Increase native vegetation and diversity along riparian corridor to reduce streambank erosion, increase stream shading, and support future large wood availability

Improvements to the physical habitat quality and complexity included installing large wood within the stream bank, laying back a short section of the streambank, and adding a significant amount of native riparian vegetation.


Project activities occurred primarily on the left (north) bank of North Scappoose Creek between Hwy 30 and Scappoose-Vernonia Road.


Project construction: June – September 2019 Riparian planting: October 2019 – April 2020

Project Map

Lower North Scappoose Creek

More Information:

For more information contact Dana at 503-397-7904 or email: info@scappoosebay-wc.org.




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