Nob Hill Nature Park Trail Enhancement

Nob Hill Nature Park Trail Enhancement

September 14, 2020 – September 14, 2022

We are partnering with the City of St. Helens to make improvements to the Nob Hill Nature Park. This restoration project will focus on removing invasive species that have contributed to the loss of Oak woodland habitat as well as other native species, and extending natural spaces within the park for the community.

Project Details

The grant, which is part of the state’s Small Grants Program, will be used to hire a small crew to do invasive species removal and follow-up chemical spot treatment in Nob Hill Nature Park and along the new 5th Street Trail. Work will focus on the removal of invasive blackberries and English ivy and planting of native species to maintain this valuable oak woodland and wetland habitat.

The project will focus on three specific areas:

  • Loss of Oak woodland habitat
  • Habitat issues due to invasive species
  • Loss of natural spaces and community connection to the environment

Scappoose Bay Watershed Council’s native plant nursery will provide native plants, which will be planted by volunteers or a small work crew in the reclaimed areas. Possible native species include oak, Oregon grape, snowberry, Douglas spirea, red-osier dogwood, sedges and rushes.


Nob Hill Nature Park is a 5-acre oak woodland located in St. Helens, Oregon. Perched on a basalt bluff, it overlooks the Columbia River, at the point where Multnomah Channel joins the Columbia..

More Information

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Scappoose Bay Watershed Council will be working with the following resources.