Raymond Creek Restoration Design

Raymond Creek Restoration Design

April 1, 2020 – December 1, 2021

Coho, Steelhead and Cutthroat were all historically abundant in Raymond Creek, but over time, various factors have had a negative impact on the health of the stream and salmon populations. This technical assistance project will conduct a stream survey to analyze stream flow and stream interaction with the floodplain. A model will be developed that will guide future stream restoration designs. The project partners will work with interested landowners to develop permit-level designs and implement restoration projects that improve critical fish and wildlife habitat on their property.

Project Details

Local landowners have expressed concerns due to recent flooding, leading to this proposal. Degraded instream and riparian conditions, including eroding and undercut banks, fish passage barriers, stream channelization, lack of large wood and lack of riparian vegetation have all contributed to poor fish and wildlife habitat and unpredictable flooding.

The Raymond Creek Design project will be beneficial in several ways. The project will:

  • Analyze hydrologic and geomorphic conditions
  • Conduct two-dimensional modeling
  • Provide restoration designs for adding improvements to instream and riparian conditions.
  • Provide streamside landowners with information on how to improve riparian conditions on their property.

We will work with landowners to develop a plan that will help improve their instream and riparian conditions based on the stream survey and modeling. Refined designs will be reviewed with permitting entities to find the best alternative. These designs can then be used to pursue funding to implement future restoration projects along Raymond Creek.


The project site is approximately 3.5 miles upstream of the City of Scappoose.

Raymond Creek is located at RM 5.5 on South Scappoose Creek in the southern portion of Columbia County. South Scappoose Creek joins with North Scappoose Creek 3 miles above their confluence into Scappoose Bay, which flows into Multnomah Channel one mile upstream of its confluence with the Lower Columbia River.

More Information


Scappoose Bay Watershed Council will be working with Raymond Creek Landowners and the following resources.