Scappoose Confluence

The North and South forks of the Scappoose Creek come together just north of the city of Scappoose. Scappoose Bay Watershed Council addressed degraded creek conditions by installing large wood to develop additional channels and complexity for salmon habitat. Riparian vegetation along the confluence was also enhanced. The project included installation of several large wood structures that have worked over the past few years to establish new backwater and off-channel habitat.

Wood installed for pools at the Confluence of North and South Scappoose Creek

The Council worked with two landowners to enhance conditions at the North and South Scappoose Confluence, where the creeks had been channelized over time. Additional work included removal of invasive plasntss, and re-planting with native vegetation.

Below, you can see the evolution of the Scappoose Confluence as time passes.

More Information

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Timelapsed Photography of Scappoose Restoration (2011-2016)