Our Mission

We promote and support a healthy watershed through projects that protect and restore native fish, wildlife, and plants, and by working with the community to educate and encourage participation in enhancing and enjoying their natural surroundings.

The Scappoose Bay Watershed Council was formed in 1997.  We are a 501(c)(3), non-profit, non-regulatory organization whose diverse  group of dedicated volunteers share a common concern for our quality of life, our natural resources, and our community.

We employ a small staff, assisted by qualified contractors, volunteers with professional expertise, and natural resource agencies. The Council is a source of information about the watershed for residents, visitors, local groups and partners. 

Read our SBWC Action Plan 2015-2020.


The Scappoose Bay Watershed Council educates, advises and assists landowners in the watershed to improve the quality of our community’s creeks and natural areas.  We have actively involved over 2,500 local students and volunteers in our Water Quality Monitoring,Macro-invertebrate Monitoring, Native Plant Nursery and Salmon Habitat Assessment programs. These programs help to foster an appreciation for our natural resources while promoting stewardship and gaining hands-on experience. We are always looking for volunteers!


Natural environmental processes and community development affect the water in our watershed. Our stream and wetland restoration projects are helping to improve watershed health, functions and uses.  Our Fish Barrier Removal program has opened up 40 fish barriers and 55 miles of salmon spawning streams through culvert removal and replacement. Our Weed Management program has helped to control weeds along 20 miles of creeks.  With the help of many volunteers we have planted over 20,000 trees and shrubs to help enhance wildlife habitat and preserve the health of local creeks.


The Council’s mission is to restore and preserve habitat for people and a wide variety of fish and wildlife. Numerous migratory birds, including eagles, ospreys and herons can be found in the watershed. Four species of salmon swim and spawn in our waterways. The watershed offers many recreational opportunities such as boating, fishing, hunting, hiking and bird watching.