South Scappoose Creek Restoration

Streamside restoration activities are being proposed along South Scappoose Creek through the City of Scappoose. The creek has historically provided habitat for coho salmon, steelhead trout, and cutthroat trout, but has been severely degraded and is heavily incised and erosive. The project goals are to restore and improve this critical fish and wildlife habitat, while addressing erosion and flooding concerns.

Restoration activities will occur as funding is available over the next several years, and initially be focused on Zones G & H (middle areas of photo below). Funding is also being sought for designs and construction on Zone F (north), and potentially on Zone I (south).

Initial plans for the project include creating a shallower slope along much of the western bank, creating floodplain benches at critical locations along the project area, and reconnecting with historical side channels. All areas will be re-vegetated with native vegetation as the project progresses.

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For more information contact the Scappoose Bay Watershed Council at 503-397-7904 or email:

Partners: cityscap_logo columbia soil and water conservation

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